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The Custom Fabric Slayer Imaginarium

TS001 - Double Sided Print Blanket **FINISHED**

TS001 - Double Sided Print Blanket **FINISHED**

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Turn around time:

All blanket orders have a turn around time of 21-28 business days from round closing. They are submitted with every round and have the same processing time. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing your orders. 


107x76cm = 42x29.9” Approximately

102x127cm = 40x50” Approximately

150x100cm = 59x39” Approximately

150x130cm = 59x51” Approximately

150x160cm = 59x63” Approximately

150x200cm = 59x78” Approximately

130x180cm = 51x70.86” Approximately

150x180cm = 59x70.86” Approximately

About your future new custom blanket:

100% polyester finished blanket. They are printed on thick high pile double sided minky 340 GSM double sided minky. All blankets are printed on unfinished double sided minky and then finished/manufactured in China. This is a special 320 GSM double sided minky. They are printed on two layers of double sided minky and then sewn/finished to create a double sided print blanket.  

How to order?

Simply pick your size and thats it! This blanket comes exactly as shown! Each photo is each side of the blanket!


- RGB in colour. CYMK is welcome as well. 

- Must be seamless. 
- JPG or PNG format.
- MUST be minimally 300 DPI 

-  screen shots or PDFs will NOT be accepted. 

The custom fabric slayer will NOT be held responsible for non seamless images being sent in. 

Please email us for wholesale pricing. 

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